dfemtoolz: An open-source C++ framework for efficient imposition of material and boundary conditions in finite element biomedical simulations

We propose a novel C++ open-source package dfemtoolz that enables highly efficient: (1) discretization of a triangular surface mesh into volumetric tetrahedral elements (by using the Tetgen); (2) splitting of prism or tetrahedral meshes into hexahedral meshes; and (3) application of boundary conditions for modeling various physical phenomena (i.e. fluid flow, structural analysis, heat transfer, mass transport, etc.). The novelty of the proposed library is two-fold: (1) it avoids computationally expensive merging by performing a more efficient search of neighboring nodes; and (2) it enables highly efficient manipulation of nodes’ BCs in the bitwise manner. The framework is initially proposed and validated for biomedical simulations; however, it could have wide-scale applications.


CC BY 4.0