World Bank WDI: Investments in Education and Infrastructure with Participation of State and Private Sector

2019-07-18T12:47:21Z (GMT) by Bruno Candea
A R script with an example of an econometric linear regression of the data provided in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, that contains some of the World Bank's World Development Indicators, that provides data about the investments performed by countries with participation of the private sector in Telecommunication, Energy, Water and Sanitation, Transport. Other data are population, GDP and GNI, internet users per 100 people, a dummy that assumes value 1 if the country is an OPEP member (and 0 if not), and a table with the income group classification of the countries. All data was collected in World Bank Data site, and contains all the available countries, except those that doesn't contain data about GDP, essential for the analysis that has justified the construction of this little project.




CC BY 4.0