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Time series of upwelling index in Northern South China Sea (1967-2013)

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posted on 18.07.2019, 12:48 by Anthony banyouko Ndah
Monthly and hourly upwelling indices have been derived for four locations on the northern/north-eastern coastline of the South China Sea (SCS) (1967-2013) using the standard NOAA-PFEL method. The study locations include: off S.W Taiwan, Off Hanoi, off Fujian, Off Guangdong. Moreover, annual averages and annual anomalies have been calculated for the entire 47-year period for all four locations. This is the first comprehensive and lengthy time-series of upwelling indices in the South China Sea which can enhance understanding of the changes in phenomenon over inter-annual to decadal and multi-decadal time scales, as well as allowing for a comparison of the occurrence of the patterns and magnitude of the process across multiple coastal locations.


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