THEMIS observations during MY 33 and 34

2019-07-22T10:03:51Z (GMT) by Michael Smith
The file "THEMIStaudustMY33_34.dat" is a table of column dust optical depth retrieved from THEMIS infrared observations during Mars Years 33 and 34. The file "THEMIStempsMY33_34.dat" is a table of brightness temperatures observed by THEMIS in Bands 3 and 10 during Mars Years 33 and 34. THEMIS Band 3 (centered at 7.93 microns) is the most transparent THEMIS Band and thus closest to surface temperature although during regional and global dust storms there can be appreciable contribution from dust. THEMIS Band 10 (centered at 14.88 microns) is indicative of atmospheric temperatures over a broad range of altitudes centered at about 0.5 mbar or 25 km. The THEMIS Band 10 brightness temperature is also commonly called "T15", meaning brightness temperature at 15 microns.




CC BY 4.0