Multi-temporal LST data, latitude, longitude, and DEM data

2019-07-19T08:40:45Z (GMT) by George Miliaresis
LST monthly data for SW USA. Around local solar time 01:30 (night), and 13:30 (day) LST data are acquired from the MODIS instrument on board the Aqua polar orbiting satellite. The LST accuracy is better than 1K (0.5 K in most cases) under real clear-sky conditions. Data from real clear-sky conditions within a calendar month are averaged to yield the MYD11C2 product. The data set provide a continuous (monthly averaged LST) sampling of the earth’s surface with a spatial resolution of 3 minutes (0.05 degrees, corresponding to 5.6 km approximately at the equator) referenced to a geographic latitude/longitude grid, with WGS 84 being the horizontal datum.