Gladkop Suite: Isotope and Geochemical Composition Data

2020-06-13T06:42:57Z (GMT) by Ansahmbom Yong Nke
These data have been used to better understand the Gladkop Suite rocks located in the Bushmanland Subprovince, particularly with regard to how it relates to the Palaeoproterozoic evolution of this part of the Namaqua Sector and its relationship with the Mesoproterozoic-dominated BSP. For more details and interpretation of the data, please refer to A.Y. Nke, R. Bailie, P.H. Macey, R.J. Thomas, D. Frei, P. Le Roux, C.J. Spencer, The 1.8 Ga Gladkop Suite: the youngest Palaeoproterozoic arc in the Namaqua-Natal Metamorphic Province, South Africa, Precambr. Res. In Press.




CC BY 4.0