Data for: Interpretation of two SINBAD photon-leakage benchmarks with nuclear library ENDF/B-VIII.0 and Monte Carlo code MCS

This research data contains 20 inputs: 10 for the Monte Carlo code MCNP (developed at Los Alamos, New Mexico) and 10 for the Monte Carlo code MCS (developed at UNIST, South Korea). The inputs correspond to 10 shielding problems modelling the benchmarks NEA-1517/74 and NEA-1517/80 from the SINBAD (Shielding Integral Benchmark Archive and Database) shielding database. The inputs are provided in the hope that they are useful for the interpretation of the benchmark measurements performed in the Russian Federal Nuclear Center (RFNC) of photon leakage from hollow spherical samples with a central 14-MeV neutron source produced by deutrium-tritium fusion, but without any warranty. The 10 material samples used in the measurements and modeled in the inputs are: aluminum, titanium, iron, copper, zirconium, lead, depleted uranium, water, salt and sand.




CC BY 4.0