DEMs optimization (with 4 DEMs)

2019-07-19T09:06:35Z (GMT) by George Miliaresis
ALOS, SRTM, ASTER and NED DEMS at 1 arc sec resolution for Death Valley California-Nevada Data files are in while Run outputs in Used only for 4-d testing of the SVR.DEM (GitHub) software since a) ALOS, SRTM & ASTER DSMs (maximum elevation figures) are referenced to EGM98 while NED DTM (bare earth elevation) to NADv88 vertical datum, and b) wgs84 & GRS80 (GRS80=WGS84) are the horizontal datums for ALOS, SRTM, ASTER GDEMs while NED is referenced to NAD 83. Nevertheless a sort of DEM accuracy assessment is also revealed somehow.