Brightness Temperature Variances from On-Planet Views in the A3 Channel by the Mars Climate Sounder

2019-07-17T13:52:46Z (GMT) by Nicholas Heavens
This dataset contains significant data analysis products related to a manuscript entitled, “A Multiannual Record of Gravity Wave Activity in Mars's Lower Atmosphere from the Mars Climate Sounder,” which is to be submitted to Icarus in June of 2019. These fall into three broad categories: diagnoses of detrended brightness temperature variance at 635-665 cm-1 in individual views in the nadir or off-nadir by Mars Climate Sounder on board Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter; averages and other statistics of those diagnoses in space and time; and estimated gravity wave visibility functions for nadir, off-nadir, and nadir views with baselines like off-nadir views. This document presumes the manuscript is available to the dataset user. See MCS_A3_GW_Analysis_Dataset_Documentation.pdf for more detailed documentation.




CC BY 4.0