Bright Stars in Neighboring Constellations

This data set represents the backbone of the study by Keserci et al. titled 'Research Synergy and Drug Development: Bright Stars in Neighboring Constellations'. A manuscript is presently under review. The study focuses on citation networks that describe collaborative activity preceding the successful award of an NDA or BLA for a therapeutic from the FDA and is inspired by Williams et al. (2015) Cell 163: 21-23. The five columns in this dataset are (i) citing_pmid (ii) citing_sid (iii) cited_sid (iv) cited_pmid and represent mapping from PubMed IDs to Scopus IDs to Cited Scopus IDs and mapping back to PubMedIDs. The input was citing_pmid compiled from data mining of FDA documents, non-patent literature, PubMed, and and is contained in the five csv files (i) alem_eric_stage1 (ii) imat_eric_stage1 (iii) nela_eric_stage1 (iv) ramu_eric_stage1 (v) suni_eric_stage1) corresponding to the therapeutics Alemtuzumab, Imatinib, Nelarabine, Ramucirumab, Sunitinib respectively.




CC BY 4.0