Benchmark results of radiation of water droplets

2019-07-19T08:54:28Z (GMT) by Bifen Wu Xinyu Zhao
Three groups of calculations are carried out to study the radiative attenuation of water mists and their interactions with the radiative sources when: (i) only radiation of wall is considered; (ii) only radiation of gas is used; and (iii) radiation from both wall and gas are accounted for. For all three groups, a constant atmospheric pressure is used. The corresponding absorption coefficients are equal to 1.149 (1/m) and 0.233 (1/m) when Tg is 1000 K and 2000 K, respectively. The emissivity of the wall is assumed to be unity with 1000 K and 2000 K, respectively. For the cases involving water mists, the anisotropic scattering model is used to account for the scattering behaviors. A detailed description of the test configuration and the key parameters involving in the fourteen cases can be found in Wu. et al. "Radiation characteristics of water droplets in a fire-inspired environment: a Monte Carlo ray tracing study", 2018 (under review).




CC BY 4.0