All-optical volumetric physiology for connectomics in dense neuronal structures. Huang et al

2020-01-22T06:42:49Z (GMT) by Chiao Huang Chu-Yi Tai
Raw image data and analysis program for all-optical physiology (AOP) in Drosophila anterior visual pathway (MT and TB neurons). Figure1: Functional images of two-dimensional all-optical physiology (2D-AOP) measurement of MT and TB neurons. Figure2-3: Functional images of three-dimensional all-optical physiology (3D-AOP) measurement and volumetric structural images of MT and TB neurons. FigureS1: Immunolabeling volumetric images of MT neurons, TB neurons and neuropils (DLG) in Drosophila. GLM_Program: A home-built program for 3D functional image analysis by using the generalized linear model (GLM).




CC BY 4.0