2019-07-18T13:41:36Z (GMT) by Cláudio Sá
This dataset is adapted from the original version which is stored in the UCI Machine Learning Repository: This data comes from a water quality study where samples were taken from sites on different European rivers of a period of approximately one year. These samples were analyzed for various chemical substances including: nitrogen in the form of nitrates, nitrites and ammonia, phosphate, pH, oxygen, chloride. For each sample, the frequencies of 7 types of algae were also measured. We considered the algae concentrations as preference relations by ordering them from larger to smaller concentrations. Those with 0 frequency are placed in last position and equal frequencies are represented with ties. Missing values in the independent variables were set to 0 (zero). RData file contains 2 matrices: x - a matrix of independent variables y - a matrix of rankings of the 7 algae types




CC BY 4.0