Spatio-temporal Data on the air pollutant nitrogen dioxide derived from Sentinel satellite

Monitoring of air pollution is an important task in public health. Availability of data is often hindered by the paucity of the ground monitoring station network. We present here a new spatio-temporal dataset collected and processed from the Sentinel-5P remote sensing platform aiming at the monitoring of air pollution for public institutions. As an example application, we applied the full workflow to process measurements of Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) collected over the territory of mainland France from May 2018 to June 2019. The data stack generated is daily measurements at a 4×7km spatial resolution. The supplementary code package used to collect and process the data is made publicly available to ease the access and processing for any location and product. The dataset provided in this article is of value for policy-makers and health assessment. Please find the full dataset in a Dropbox shared repository using this link: The raw data file is zipped to save disk space. The original raw data have a size of 60 Gigabyte