2019-07-18T12:45:36Z (GMT) by Yaroslav Solyanikov
==== Description of files ==== "RockMagPlot-1_0" folder: 0-J_M_style.csv - file with style for visualization of *.j_m measurement files 0-CSV_style.csv - file with style for visualization of Day Plot OXscale-200.csv - file with properties for OX axis J_M-List.txt - list of column names in CSV data files obtained from *.j_m measurement files RockMagPlot-1_0.pdf README.txt LICENSE.txt "Setup" subfolder: Axes.ico, Draft.ico, Help.ico, Jr.ico, LS.ico - icon files for RockMagPlot toolbar. RockMagPlot.gms - Global Macro Storage for RockMagPlot. RockMagPlot-setup.exe - insallation file for RockMagPlot. GMSfolder.vbs, Create_panel.vbs, Delete_panel.vbs - script files to install/uninstall the program.