An Apprenticeship Framework - Collaborative Research Process which Ofer and Anat undertook over nine years. The purpose of our practitioner doctoral research process was to produce a knowledge framework by creating a transformational virtual space, an application which can utilise by other professionals in the relevant field of practice. This transformational virtual space- application, was also built to communicate and disseminate the products of our research. This goal was achieved by extraction and reflective analysis of tacit knowledge embedded in what was previously, the intuitive professional work of an experienced practitioner. In our research, this goal was achieved, in a process of professional colleague reflection in an apprenticeship framework. When we began our research, Ofer had over 15 years of practical experience working with children and adolescents, first as therapeutic mentor and later as a psychotherapist. Anat had just begun her professional practice and asked to learn from Ofer’s approach and techniques in psychotherapy. In this process of professional peer reflection, at first, Ofer explained his therapeutic decision making processes to Anat and in doing so communicated his professional knowledge to her. As a less experienced young practitioner, the main part of her learning process was to explore and analyses the procedures which he described, and reflect upon them. Anat provided vital academic and professional feedback, derived from her more theoretical background. Anat’s evolving psychoanalytical capabilities contributed to this process of self-analysis and bilateral reflection. In this way the knowledge extracted from Ofer’s professional practice was developed and enhanced by him, producing improved professional knowledge to be utilised in his practice. This knowledge was transformed by Anat’s interpretation into improved professional knowledge tailored to her personal style of therapy. Together they built an ever-expanding arena for the production and transformation of professional practitioner knowledge.