Raw, uncropped supporting Western blot files for: Kuchai S. et al. ... Pagano M., Identification of GGTase3: an FBXL2 Ubiquitin Ligase-Targeting Geranylgeranyltransferase.

2019-07-17T13:49:42Z (GMT) by Michele Pagano
Raw, not cropped supporting Western blot files for: Kuchay S., Wang H., Marzio A., Jain K., Homer H., Fehrenbacher N., Philpps M., Zheng N., and Pagano M. GGTase3 is a Newly Identified Geranylgeranyltransferase Targeting a Ubiquitin Ligase. Nature Str & Mol Biol, 2019.




CC BY 4.0