Projections of Spring Wheat Growth In Alaska: Opportunities and Adaptations in a Changing Climate

2020-04-04T06:44:31Z (GMT) by Stephen Harvey
The research question for this dataset was: How will climate change impact the growth of spring wheat in Fairbanks, Alaska? The DSSAT CERES-Wheat crop simulation model was used to answer this research question. Data consists of DSSAT V4.7.0.0 Files and Field Data. Data in the Field Data files were collected at the University of Alaska Fairbanks small grains variety trial plot in Fairbanks, AK. This field data was input into DSSAT. DSSAT Files were used to calibrate, validate, and apply the DSSAT CERES-Wheat crop simulation model for simulating spring wheat growth (cultivar Ingal) in projected climate change scenarios. These DSSAT files are ready for a modeler to use.


CC BY 4.0