PhenoFly Data Processing Tools: Image projection and plot-based sample extraction

2019-07-19T10:53:51Z (GMT) by Lukas Roth
Sample scripts to project images on a digital terrain model (DTM), followed by plot-based sample extraction Development repository: Based on: Roth, Aasen, Walter, Liebisch 2018: Extracting leaf area index using viewing geometry effects—A new perspective on high-resolution unmanned aerial system photography, ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Example (see Input: Agisoft camera position file (_TestData/sonyDX100II/camera_position_RGB.txt) Digital terrain model in STL file format (_TestData/sonyDX100II/DTM.stl) Folder with images (_TestData/sonyDX100II/raw/) Polygon sampling layer in geoJSON format (_TestData/sonyDX100II/samples_plots.geojson) Output: Per-image coordinate and viewpoint information (_Demo_output/dg/) Image boundaries in wold coordinates as geoJSON (_Demo_output/dg/DG_field_of_views.geojson) Extracted plot-based image parts (_Demo_output/samples/) Viewpoint of each extracted sample (_Demo_output/samples/viewpoint.csv)