Over-dispersed Count data for number of journal articles published by university lecturers

2019-07-22T10:04:28Z (GMT) by Olumide Adesina
The data set contains count of number of articles published by Covenant University Lecturers, in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. The dataset contains a sample of 126 lecturers comprising 99 from College of Business and Social Sciences, and 27 from College of Leadership. The dataset include the number of articles published by the lecturers from 2013-2015. The response variable was the number of article produced by lecturers (NOP) which was obtained by counting. Predictors are Gender of lecturers (SEX), male was coded 1, and female as 0, marital status (MS), married was coded as 1 and single as 0, number of children each lecturer have (CHD), years of teaching/lecturing experience (EXP), cadre indicating whether senior or junior lecturer, Assistant lecturer and lecturer II are categorized as Lower cadre, and coded as 0, while lecturer I up to professor are categorize as higher cadre, and coded as 1. Another predictor is number of undergraduate course(s) taught within the period of observation (UGC), and number of postgraduate course(s) taught within the period of observation (UPC).