Newton ’ s First Law and ETDs : Scholarly Communication at a Liberal Arts University in Hong Kong (survey data)

2019-07-18T12:43:12Z (GMT) by Brian Minihan
This is the original data (anonymised) file from a faculty survey for the associated paper given at the 18th International Symposium on ElectonicTheses & Dissertations (4-6 Nov. 2015, New Delhi, India) Open Access electronic theses and dissertations are more and more common in universities. This Increase in visibility of early scholarship has prompted re-examination of the traditional publication process from researchers, librarians and post-graduate students. A number of recent studies have shed significant light on if an open access ETD will impact post-graduate students’ ability to publish findings derived from a thesis with an academic publisher. However, these studies have largely focused on publishers, researchers and post-graduates’ attitudes in the United Kingdom and North America. Two years after implementing an Open Access policy for ETDs at a university in East Asia, the author surveyed advisors of research post-graduates on their views regarding Open Access theses and their students’ future publishing prospects.