Multiobjective Rescheduling - Instances and Solutions

From the 120 instances of Taillard, another 120 rescheduling instances were created, and from them a subset of 50 was selected to be evaluated with the RIPG algorithm. For each of these instances, 5 rescheduling points were executed—during which the system was updated according to the events in the flow shop environment, and, therefore, the technique was executed 5 times per instance. The 50 instances used were randomly selected from the set of 120 Taillard instances, excluding those of greater size (with 500 jobs), because it is not usual to work with such a high number of jobs in environments with more than one objective function. In this dataset the following files have been included: • Training instances used with the Irace Package. • Evaluation instances. • Pareto front solutions from the RIPG for each one of the 10 repetitions undertaken for each evaluation instance.




CC BY 4.0