Input-output data set for Multi-damages in Smart Composite Laminates

2019-12-28T06:45:21Z (GMT) by Asif Khan Heung Soo Kim
This data set contains the raw input-output data for the findings in the paper 'Classification and Prediction of Multi-damages in Smart Composite Laminates Using Discriminant Analysis'. The input data is contained in the file 'vphinput_100'. The output for the healthy and different damaged cases is contained in the files 'H.mat, ALD1.mat, ALD2.mat, AMD1.mat, AMD2.mat, AUD1.mat, AUD2.mat, BLD1.mat, BLD2.mat, BMD1.mat, BMD2.mat, BUD1.mat, BUD2, CLD1.mat, CLD2.mat, CMD1.mat, CMD2.mat, CUD1.mat, CUD2, sen1_25per_100_loadings.mat, sen1_50per_100_loadings.mat, sen2_25per_100_loadings.mat and sen2_50per_100_loadings.mat'. The details of each output data can be seen the published paper. The columns of ‘vphinput_100’ contains the 100 random harmonic inputs applied through the actuator. Each one of the output files contain the response three sensors to 100 random harmonic inputs