Imaging data of E. coli infected with bacteriophage lambda

2020-01-07T07:18:40Z (GMT) by Kevin Corbett Erica Birkholz
Fluorescence microscopy data (DAPI green and FM4-64 red) of E. coli JP313 cells with a plasmid-encoded CBASS system from E. coli MS115-1. pLAC22 = Empty Vector. pKDC3719 = Full CBASS system from E. coli MS115-1. pKDC3727 = Full CBASS system with a NucC nuclease active-site (D73N) mutant. All strains were infected with bacteriophage lambda (cI-) at a multiplicity of infection (MOI) of 2.5. Imaging was performed between 20 and 80 minutes post-infection. Files with "D3D" are deconvolved.