Hypoxic bottom waters as a carbon source to atmosphere during a typhoon passage over the East China Sea

The dataset is a time series mooring record (3–20 July, 2015), collected in the Changjiang Estuary (122.8°E, 30.6°N) . It includes surface salinity, sea surface temperature, bottom temperature, surface pCO2, dissolved oxygen, Chl a, and wind speed.The dataset shows the variations of pCO2 and other biogeochemical parameters during typhoon Chan-hom in the East China Sea shelf in 2015. All the data are daily-average values. The surface temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and Chl a were obtained using Water Quality Monitor. The pCO2 data were collected using SAMI pCO2 (Sunburst sensor). The bottom temperature were measured using RBR. The wind speed data were obtained using Young.




CC BY 4.0