HESML V1R1 Java software library of ontology-based semantic similarity measures and information content models

2019-07-18T12:53:02Z (GMT) by Juan J. Lastra-Díaz Ana Garcia-Serrano
HESML V1R1 is a new Java software library called Half-Edge Semantic Measures Library (HESML), which implements most ontology-based semantic similarity measures and Information Content (IC) models based on WordNet reported in the literature. HESML is introduced and detailed in the paper by Lastra-Díaz, J. J., & García-Serrano, A. (2016). HESML: a scalable ontology-based semantic similarity measures library with a set of reproducible experiments and a replication dataset. Information Systems. HESML is motivated by several drawbacks in the current state-of-the-art software libraries, as well as the evaluation of the new methods introduced by the authors, together with the replication and evaluation of most previously reported methods. HESML is based on a new and efficient poset representation, called PosetHERep, which is an adaptation of the half-edge data structure commonly used to represent discrete manifolds and planar graphs in computational geometry. HESML proposes a memory-efficient representation for taxonomies which linearly scales with the taxonomy size and provides an efficient implementation of a large set of topological queries and graph-based algorithms. Likewise, HESML provides an open framework to aid research into the area by providing a simpler and more efficient software architecture than the current software libraries.