Feasibility assessment of recycled aggregates by replacing natural aggregates in Bitumen mixture for the Road uses.

2019-12-21T06:43:18Z (GMT) by Pruthvi Raj SR
The availability of materials for the construction of flexible pavement in rural areas are low, also natural aggregate quarries are rare in rural areas and also transportation of natural aggregate from quarries to the site is difficult and costly, thus use of recycled aggregates is place of normal aggregates is more useful and also they are available in all the season of the year. The waste obtained in demolition can be used in proper way. Thus the effect of demolition waste on environment can be reduced. The presented article gives special attention to the comparative study recycled aggregates and natural aggregates. To utilise the waste material which are comes from construction and demolition waste are taken and they are recycled and used for the application of bituminous pavements. In this work The demolished cement concrete is taken from a demolished building near Ram and Co circle, Davanagere. This cement concrete is crushed by subjecting to aggregate crusher. Those crushed aggregates were taken to laboratory and tests were conducted. All the necessary tests are carried as per on IS: 2386 (part IV)-1963. MORT&H (IV-revision) Specifications. Marshall Stability test on normal aggregates using ruthfutc method in to consideration.




CC BY 4.0