Energy variables for benchmarking in technical schools in São Paulo, Brazil

2019-07-22T08:49:25Z (GMT) by Haroldo Luiz Nogueira da Silva
Variables: DMU: Decision Making Unit; PDC: Peek demand contracted (peek demand value contracted with the energy company); PDS: Peek demand suggested (peek demand value suggested as ideal); PDD: Peek demand deviation (difference between the contracted and ideal peak demand); AAE_obs: Anual active energy observed (annual energy consumption real); AAE_pred: Anual active energy predicted (annual energy consumption predicted by predictive model - e.g. machine learning methods, linear regression); RAE: Reactive anual energy (annual reactive energy consumption); AEN_nsd: Active energy in non-school months (energy consumption in non-school months); TNS: Total number of students (total number of students in the school).




CC BY 4.0