DistriBlock Transactions

2019-07-22T08:32:38Z (GMT) by Liang Wang
This dataset includes three files, which are report.txt, blocks.csv and transactions.csv. The report.txt describes all of the information about the other two files that generated by DistriBlock generator -- DSBG. Source code of DSBG can be found at https://github.com/lyonwong1982/DataSharingBlockchainGenerator. This dataset is related with a Blockchain-based data sharing system named DistriBlock, and can be used in testings of Blockchain data model design. The total numbers of the attributes are 5 in transactions.csv and 3 in blocks.csv, and the amount of the items is 8733 both in transactions.csv and blocks.csv. The whole quantity of data assets is 641, which expresses a huge amount of data sharing businesses. By using this dataset, one can conduct some experiments for any novel data model in data sharing context, and also can checkout the Blockchain systems developed in a distributive type of transaction environment. Steps to reproduce this dataset are as follows: 1. Download the DSBG from Github (https://github.com/lyonwong1982/DataSharingBlockchainGenerator) 2. Launch the programs of DSBG to generate the transactions and blocks. 3. You will obtain the data of the same specification with this dataset (but would not get the same data).




CC BY 4.0