Differences on the data obtained from Zeta Potential and Infrared Spectra of silanized titanium dioxide particles in different solvent media used.

2019-07-22T07:18:45Z (GMT) by Jose Amir Gonzalez-Calderon
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) The analyzes included the wave number range from 4000 to 1000cm-1 with 60 scans, placing the nanoparticles in pill form for a better reading at 25 °C. Zeta Potential The stability of the TiO2 particles as well as the silanized particles (S-TiO2) were evaluated in water through their precipitation time driven by the force of gravity at different pH which ranged from 2-12, occupying a light source dual 30mV and a 658nm Laser Diode at 25°C.


CC BY 4.0