Dataset from long-term model simulation of the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea

2019-12-04T06:43:10Z (GMT) by Ilja Maljutenko Urmas Raudsepp
The dataset have been used to prepare the article "Long-term mean, interannual and seasonal circulation in the Gulf of Finland — The wide salt wedge estuary or gulf type ROFI" ( Citing that article would be appropriate way to credit this dataset. The dataset is derived from the hydrodynamical model simulation results of the Gulf of Finland. Model applied: 3D hydrodynamical model General Estuarine Transport Model (GETM). Horizontal resolution 1 nautical mile. Vertical resolution 40 adaptive layers. Simulation period 1966-2006. Model description and validation is described in Maljutenko and Raudsepp (2014). Climate Data Operators (CDO) toolbox have been used for statistical post-processing (history stored in files). Dataset contains 3 different NetCDF sub-datasets: 1. Average over simulation period 3D fields, 2. Monthly mean 3D fields, 3. Daily mean profiles from selected stations (folder "Stations"). 3D variables are salinity (saltmean), temperature (tempmean), meridional velocity (vvmean), zonal velocity (uumean), vertical velocity (wmean), mean velocity (velmean) , layer thickness (hmean). 2D variables umean and vmean correspond to the barotropic velocity components. The vertical coordinates are given in variable layer heights, such that z-levels must be calculated from water depths (bathymetry) and vertical layer thicknesses (hmean). The location of selected stations can be obtained from the included coordinates in variables of lonc and latc.