Data from: Egg size and density estimates for three gadoids in Icelandic waters and their implications for the vertical distribution of eggs along a stratified water column

Raw egg density and diameter measurements taken from wild spawning cod, haddock and saithe in SW Icelandic waters. Density measurements were taken using density-gradient columns and diameter measurements were taken from high resolution photographs. Column descriptions: 'species' = factor for species 'site' = factor used to differentiate between cod caught inshore ("codIn") and offshore ("codOut") 'batch' = code referring to each individual female sampled 'femaleLength' = total length (cm) of individual females 'dpf' = The number of days-post-fertilisation at which measurements were taken 'stage' = the dominant ontogenetic stage (pooled over batches) using a modified classification scheme developed from Thompson and Riley (1981) 'density' = raw egg density measurements (in g cm-3) at 7°C 'se' = the equivalent salinity of neutral buoyancy (PSU) at 7°C. 'diameter' = raw egg diameter measurements (mm) Two supplementary datasets are included, "batchDetails" and "sampleLocations" which contain the dates and locations for the sampling.