Data for: oTree: Writing short and efficient code for experiments with dynamically determined data quantity

2019-07-22T07:42:44Z (GMT) by Markus Konrad
This repository contains the companion code for the article oTree: Implementing experiments with dynamically determined data quantity to be published in a Special Issue on "Software for Experimental Economics" in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance. The experiment "market" that is provided as oTree application serves as a illustrative example for a simple stylized market simulation. Many individuals (1 ... N-1) are selling fruit. In each round, these sellers choose a kind of fruit and a selling price, whereas individual N (the buyer) needs to choose from which of those offers to buy. The implemenation follows the principle suggested in the paper, relying on "custom data models" from oTree's underlying Django framework. This project also illustrates how the admin interface extensions of the package otreeutils can be integrated in an experiment. This adds the functionality to observe data updates from custom data models in oTree's "session data viewer". Additionally, data exports for CSV and Excel contain all data from custom data models and an option to export the data in JSON format is available.