Data for: The Level of Knowledge on Phrasal Verbs of Central Philippine University's First Year English Major Students

2019-07-22T08:56:48Z (GMT) by Winah Amor Bedua
Phrasal verbs (PhVs) are very important, but are not included in the English grammar lessons in the Philippines. There is also the question on the ESL learners' knowledge on PhVs. To offer help in answering this, the study aims to measure the knowledge on PhVs of Central Philippine University’s first year English major students. The study divides knowledge in terms of awareness or familiarity, and understanding. The scores in each area were measured and summed up to identify the subjects’ levels of overall knowledge on PhVs basing on scales for English proficiency tests. The results showed that majority of the subjects have high levels of awareness or familiarity, understanding, and overall knowledge on PhVs. The respondents’ high scores also support the Social Cognitive Learning Theory and the theory of Connectivism. This is because they have not been taught about PhVs specifically, but have gotten high scores. It suggests that their knowledge were acquired incidentally through observations and processes of data connection. The findings also gave the said school assurance that their first year English majors were well-knowledgeable of PhVs.