Data for: Sulfo-functional 3D porous cellulose/graphene oxide composites for highly efficient removal of methylene blue and tetracycline from water

2019-08-20T06:40:16Z (GMT) by Xiaofei Ma Pengwu Zheng Shaokun Wang
Figure S1 SEM images of pure CE aerogels. 2 wt% (a), 3 wt% (b), 4 wt% (c and e), 5 wt% (d and f), BET nitrogen adsorption/desorption isotherm of the CE4 aerogel (g). Figure S2The images of pure CE2 (a), CE3 (b), CE4 (c) and CE5 (d) aerogels with the loading of 0 and 100 g weight. The weight of CE aerogels were 0.0382 g, 0.0565 g, 0.0745 g and 0.0892 g, respectively. Pure CE aerogels with (e) and without (f) added NaCl, CG composite aerogels with (g) and without (h) added NaCl. Figure S3: EDX spectrum and element analysis results of the CG4.5 (a) and SCG4.5 (b); EDX mapping of the CG4.5 (c) and SCG4.5 (d). Figure S4: The illustrative morphology of the SCG aerogel (a); adsorption mechanism of MB and TC by the SCG aerogel (b). Table S1 Bulk densities and liquid adsorptions of pure CE aerogels. Table S2 BET results of some representative samples. Table S3 Deconvolution of C1s peaks of CG4.5 and SCG4.5 aerogels. Table S4 Kinetics parameters for MB adsorption. Table S5 Kinetics parameters for TC adsorption. Table S6 Parameters of the isotherms models for MB and TC adsorption on the SCG aerogels.