Data for: Reinterpreting Popular Demonstrations for Use in a Laboratory Safety Session That Engages Students in Observation, Prediction, Recordkeeping, and Problem Solving

• VDOs and photos of eleven demonstration activities for an introductory undergraduate chemistry safety session are in folders A-K. The first two activities are a safety video and a lab tour. All other activities are drawn from popular demonstrations and presented in the context of chemical safety. These include bursting a balloon by toluene, creating dry ice fog in fume hood, a reaction forming a carbon snake, a glycerol and potassium permanganate reaction, creating a fireproof banknote, putting out a candle by a copper coil, putting out a candle by a test tube, demonstrating a can crushed by air pressure, and making a soda geyser. • A safety poster for undergraduate teaching chemical laboratory Play list is available at




CC BY 4.0