Data for: Experimental simulations of hypervelocity impact fragmentation of chondritic meteoroids onto the ancient terrestrial ocean as a potentially sustainable source of organics"

Dataset of hypervelocity impact experiments simulating oceanic impacts of asteroids, showing the fragmentation of projectile (chondrite, stainless-steel, olivine) within expanding water cavities filled with water bubbles. Table 1: Relationship between cavity depth and time after the first contact between projectile and water. Table 2: Depth trends of stress wave propagation rate, downward expansion rate of main cavity, and calculated peak shock pressure within water column. Table 3: Relationships between water depth normalized by projectile diameter (H/d) and (a) maximum crater diameter, (b) maximum crater depth, and c) crater volume in benthic solid target as a function of kinetic energy of projectile (V/E).




CC BY 4.0