Analysis of LINET lightning dataset

2019-07-18T12:45:41Z (GMT) by Petar Sarajcev
A dataset of lightning information for a particular region of cca 400 km2 of Croatian mainland, for a calendar year of 2014, has been obtained from the German company nowcast GmbH which operates the European LINET lightning detection network. This dataset is proprietary and has been obtained for the research purposes only. It can't be shared with third parties due to licensing restrictions. This is a Jupyter (IPython) Notebook which contains Python source code for the general analysis of LINET datasets, applied to the obtained particular dataset. Notebook features seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily, and diurnal analysis of lightning activity. It also features bivariate kernel density estimation of geographical lightning density distribution, wind turbine effective height calculation, wind farm lightning incidence analysis, kernel density estimation of lightning amplitudes probability distributions, and more. Jupyter Notebook has been rendered in HTML as well, and can be viewed without installing Python.




CC BY 4.0