A representative example of a 3-reservoir (Li-Yuan, A-Hai and Jin-An-Qiao) impoundment operation

2019-07-22T09:42:46Z (GMT) by Shaokun He
% This toolbox purpose is to solve the curse of dimensionality of multi-reservoir % impoundment operation, in an example of three-reservoir system (Li-Yuan,A-hai, % Jin-An-Qiao) to close the gap between research studies and real-world applications. % The toolbox, called Importance Sampling-Parallel Dynamic Programming(IS-PDP), allows % users to seek for an suboptimal trajectory of deterministic problem through the % IS-PDP method, which could balance computational efficiency and solution quality. % A synthetic Yangtze dataset of similar complexity was generated because the authors % cannot get permission to share the Yangtze dataset.