ATAC-Seq in Xenopus laevis at gastrula stage compared to DNase-Seq in X. tropicalis at midblastula stage

2020-03-05T06:46:02Z (GMT) by Peter Klein
Supplementary Figure 1 from Esmaeili et al, Dev Biol, 2020. This figure shows representative tracks from ATAC-Seq analysis of Xenopus laevis ectodermal explants at the gastrula stage (GSE138905; from Esmaeili et al, Dev Biol, 2020) compared to Dnase-Seq of X. tropicalis at the midblastula stage (GSE113186; from Gentsch et al, Nat Commun, 2019). Genes compared include tbxt (brachyury), chrd (chordin), wnt8a, vegt, snai1, cdx2, hesx1, and hoxd1. The comparison is representative of overall similarity in chromatin accessibility in gastrula stage X. laevis and midblastula stage X. tropicalis, despite different stages, species, and methodologies.